WatchOS 2 hands-on: What Apple Watch should have had from the start

Ignoring the mixed reviews, common sense and the usually wise advice that you should avoid first-gen products at all costs, I bought an Apple Watch last June. Honestly, I’m still surprised by that. I backed the original Pebble crowdfunding campaign, and I’ve tested a few Android Wear devices, but as a whole smartwatches have always left me wanting. If I was going to wear anything on my wrist, I typically preferred a dedicated fitness tracker. But after hearing about what Apple had planned for watchOS 2 (the software that powers the Watch), I felt compelled to snap up a 42mm Apple Watch Sport. Now, a little more than five months after the Watch’s launch, that long-awaited update is here. And while it doesn’t fix all of the Apple Watch’s flaws, it’s a significant improvement for the crazies like me who bought one already.

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