10 of the best Apple Watch alternatives for iPhone users

Because the Apple Watch isn’t right for everyone…

If you’re an iPhone owner and you want to join in with wearable tech, the Apple Watch Series 2 isn’t your only choice – there are a whole host of iOS-compatible smartwatches on the market, with features that Cupertino’s smartwatch can only dream of.

Plus, of course, Android Wear is compatible with iOS and the Gear S3 and S2 work with the iPhone as well. So iPhone users have plenty of options to choose from and it’s only getting better with the rollout of Wear 2.0. Coming up, the next big launch will be the the Fitbit smartwatch, due in the fall.

So, if you find the Apple Watch a little too pricey or just not to your taste, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best alternatives to pick from, any of which will sync seamlessly with your iPhone with zero fuss.

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