Cat S60

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More than a year after we reviewed the Cat S60, a rugged smartphone equipped with an infrared FLIR camera, we’re checking out the S41, another device

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More and more smartphone vendors are jumping on the rugged device bandwagon, which isn’t surprising as competition in this arena is still sparse, while profit

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Rugged smartphones will never reach the same sort of status as their consumer-focused alter egos (except perhaps for the Predator-like Cat S60). Their lack of

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I must admit, I am far from the target customer for the Cat S60 ($599 unlocked), a rough-and-tumble phone made for people like contractors, firefighters

I accidentally broke the super-rugged Cat S60 smartphone

Its FLIR thermal camera is still pretty cool, though. This year’s Mobile World Congress played host to plenty of phones I couldn’t stop playing with,

Cat S60 rugged smartphone has integrated thermal camera

At MWC Cat will be showing off a new smartphone that is rugged like all of its devices are. A rugged design isn’t all the