How To Configure Parental Controls On Your Fire Tablet

Kindle Fire tablets have the built-in ability to password-protect or block different features of the tablet without having to set up a separate profile, enabling you to hand your Fire over to a child or someone you don’t necessarily want to give full access to. You can password-protect things like Prime Video, email, and Amazon purchasing, and turn the controls off whenever you want.

When Parental Controls are on you’ll see a little lock icon at the top of the Fire’s screen. If you swipe down from the top, you’ll see a message that says “Parental Controls – On.” You can tap that message at any time to enter the Parental Controls password and turn the controls off. Note that while some controls carry over to Child Profiles, not all of them do. Parental Controls are much better at locking down adult content on Adult Profiles than blocking allowed content on Child Profiles.

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