Fast Charge: A new iPad Pro, a Mini and the Galaxy Tab S7 – tablets are back in style

The tablet market’s been a bit of a one-horse race snoozefest since Google unceremoniously announced its plans to drop out last year.

Since then, outside of a few slates from Huawei, the market has stalled with the only serious player being Apple and its expanding line of iPads which, while awesome, haven’t really had a significant redesign or innovation since the first iPad Pro launched. And even this debatably just ripped off Microsoft’s Surface line.

The lack of innovation has led to a stutter in sales, with most industry analysts reporting a downturn in the tablet market, with buyers either waiting longer to upgrade, or not bothering with a tablet at all. The latest IDC Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker reported a whopping 36% year-on-year decline in the market in the market.

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