Chuwi Vi7 3G Phablet Review – 7″ Cheap Android 5.1 Device

Now a days companies are focusing equally on phablets manufacturing along with smartphones, tablets & PC. The demand of Phablets is increasing day by day in the market as people want to have fun & satisfaction of both smartphone and a PC in one device which is a phablet. Also, the price of phablets is almost equal to that of smartphones. So, why not to have more features for the same price. Today I am going to review a very cheap phablet device from one of the top brand Chuwi i.e Chuwi Vi7 3G Phablet which has Android 5.1 operating system giving you whole new android user interface. It has quad core 1 GHz processor which makes this device powerful along with 1 GB RAM & 8 GB ROM. These memory features also helps this device to respond fast, according to the input provided to it. The major advantage with this Chuwi 3G phablet is its price tag. It is available on at just $58.27 only. I think this price is very low for a 3G phablet of a big brand Chuwi. Usually 7 inch phablets are available at a price above $70-80, but this device is a very cheap. It has OTG support too with which you can connect a pen drive directly to this phablet. Now, I am going to tell you all the features of this Chuwi phablet in full detail.

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