Chuwi Hipad Review – A Solid Gaming Tablet

The Chuwi Hipad offers solid tablet gaming performance in a sleek metal body.

Chuwi, a Shenzen (China) based company, has been pumping out a lot of tablets and laptops over the last year. And quite frankly, all of them do provide a bang for the buck.

Here at Review Hub, we’ve covered a couple of their laptops and tablets in the past. And now, we will be bringing you an overview of their latest budget gaming tablet – the Chuwi Hipad.

With an extremely affordable price tag, the Hipad offers great specs wrapped up in an awesome all-metal chassis. It’s super sleek at 9.4mm and stays true to its “gaming” route with red detailing over the back panel. And at the same time, you get enough power to run any game in the Android PlayStore.

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