Chuwi Hi8 Pro VS Onda V80 Plus Tablet PC Comparisons Review

Today we have chosen two 8 inch quad core tablet pc which are in flash sale below $100. They are Chuwi HI8 Pro and Onda V80 Plus. In terms of their name, they should come with 8 inch screen size. They have much similarities in hardware, like screen size, processor, storage, dual OS, even price. But when you need a 8 inch tablet pc, which one should you choose first?


Chuwi HI8 Pro and Onda V80 Plus both comes with 8 inch  1920 x 1200 screen which can provides us with good experience in watching videos and searching the Internet. Chuwi HI8 Pro has 21.12 x 12.32 x 0.93 cm dimensions, 0.350 kg weight, but Onda V80 Plus has  20.50 x 12.30 x 0.85 cm dimensions,  0.325 kg weight, so in terms of weight, Onda V80 Plus is a little lighter, but no big difference.

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