Amazon Fire HD 6 Review


With the Fire HD 6 we see Amazon approach the standard paperback book size device. But this device is not aimed at reading alone, it’s aimed at every kind of Amazon-based media. It is, after all, an Amazon-centric device, and therefor should be purchased only by those willing to work with Amazon’s collection of digital stores.

Who is this device for?

If you’ve got an Amazon Fire Phone, this device might be for you. If you have a larger Amazon Fire device and want something a bit more conservative, this device might be fore you. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note, know right now: the Fire HD 6 is not an upgrade.



With the Fire HD 6 you get a device with the following specifications. Note that this device is not the most elegant-looking tablet on the market. With a thickness of 0.42 inches and a weight at 290 g (10.23 oz), it’s not the lightest or thinnest tablet of its size either.

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