Amazon Fire 7 vs Fire HD 8 vs Fire HD 10: What Should You Buy? – UPDATE

UPDATE: This story has been updated, as Amazon’s rolled out a new Fire HD 10 tablet.

Amazon has updated its $50 Fire 7, $80 Fire HD 8 and $150 Fire HD 10tablets for 2017, but despite their price difference, the choice isn’t exactly clear-cut. The three offer the same access to Amazon services, including the Alexa assistant, but they differ in more than a couple categories.


At first glance (and feel), the Fire tablets have only slightly different sizes and weights. All measure 0.4 inches thick, but the smaller Fire 7 is lighter, weighing 10.4 ounces to the HD 8’s 13 ounces and the HD 10’s 17.7 ounces.

All Fire tablets offer durable-feeling designs and matte shells, but the HD 8 and Fire 7 come in more color options: Black, Canary Yellow, Marine Blue and Punch Red. The Fire HD 10 isn’t sold in the yellow tone, but in Black, Marine Blue and Punch Red.

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