NuForce BE Free8 Untethered Earbuds Review: the rise of AirPods competitors

Truly wireless earbuds — the kind that feature two small ear pieces without a cable between them — were popularized by AirPods, and now competitors are popping up all over the place. Among those competitors is Optoma and its newly launched NuForce BE Free8. Unlike its recent BE2 Bluetooth earbuds, which have a cable, the BE Free are two simple ear pieces alongside a charging case.

Design and Fit

The NuForce BE Free8 arrived with three components: two ergonomic ear pieces and a sleek black case with a built-in battery. When stored in the case, the two ear pieces charge. When removed, the two connect together and play audio as any other Bluetooth earbuds would, only without any cables at all. It is very simple and, unlike some of the cheaper no-brand varieties found online, they actually work without issue.

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