7 Check-In Ready Tips for the Chronic Flight Misser

Getting ready to travel is stressful enough, but running late is even worse. Many people have trouble catching their flights on time. However, there are a few things you can do to prevent this. With a little planning, you can easily make your flight in time. 

Whether it be skipping a checked bag or using helpful travel technologies, employing a few tricks and tools will aid chronic late arrivals in catching their flights.

Don’t panic

Panicking and turning into a mean person due to stress isn’t good for anyone. You should always be respectful to the airline attendants if issues arise. It makes their job easier if you can calmly communicate what you need, and it’ll help prevent arguments.

Plan for extra time

You should always plan to give yourself extra time on the day of your flight, almost like a grace period. It’s easy to lose track of time. Try to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight but the earlier the better. Make use of alarms on your phone to ensure you get there on time with extra time to spare.

Don’t check a bag

If you don’t need a checked bag, don’t bring one. Sometimes lines to check your bags can wrap around the entire airport, which causes many people to miss their flights. It’s best if you try to stuff everything in your carry-on.

Try TSA pre-check

TSA pre-check allows you to skip the security lines, so you’ll reach your gate much faster. It is a security screening before your trip to determine if you are a low-risk passenger. If you are low-risk, you will most likely get approved. You can apply for this online.

Look through your bag before getting into the security line

Always check your carry-on bag before getting to the security line. You never know what you could find. Maybe you forgot your opened soda bottle in there or packed a full-size bottle of shampoo by accident. These things cannot travel in the plane’s cabin, so the TSA will stop you, search your bag, and ask you to get rid of them. 

Make sure you can access electronics and small toiletries

When traveling, most airport security lines ask that you take your electronics and toiletries out of your carry-on and put them through the scanner separately. Save yourself time by getting these things out ahead of time, or while you’re waiting in line, instead of rummaging through your bag at the last minute.

You should also keep in mind that no full-sized toiletries can be in your carry-on. They must be in travel-sized containers with a maximum volume of 3.4 ounces

Download your airline’s app

All airlines have their own app where you can download your tickets and even get notifications about flight changes. By downloading the app, your tickets will be in the palm of your hand, and you won’t have to worry about losing your plane ticket. 

And you’ll surely want information on your flight, as sometimes flights are late or gates change. Sometimes you can’t hear the announcements at the airport either. Stay updated.

Final Thoughts

If you chronically miss your flights, make traveling easier for yourself by making a few simple changes to your travel day routine. Always plan ahead of time, as the day of your flight can be quite chaotic, and you’re sure to be on time.