5 Things You’ll Want to Consider Before Entering Mythic+ Dungeons in World of Warcraft

If you are not new to the game, but rather an experienced player, then you will want to apply all your skills, as well as the knowledge you have gained over the many hours spent in the game. In this case, you should try going to the Mythic Dungeons by trying the Mythic + system. This is suitable for those who are bored with everything and the rest of the content seems to be a piece of cake. Here you can test what you are capable of because the level of difficulty here is incredibly high. It’s a race against the clock when you should quickly come up with the perfect strategy.  

For every player, this is a great opportunity to have fun, get valuable rewards, and test the quality of your honed skills. Do not forget that as a result, you can get high-level equipment. 

This is where all your knowledge of the game will come in handy as this content is one of the most difficult in the gameplay. If you’re well versed in your class’s abilities, the endless dungeon paths, and have an idea of what enemies and bosses you’ll have to face, then you’re ready. The most interesting thing is that you will encounter unpredictability. No matter how good you are, these dungeons will surprise you. 

That’s why we’ve put together some useful things for you to know about before you enter the highest difficulty dungeons. Read on to prepare well for the most interesting and challenging part of the game. 

Finding the dungeon 

Finding such dungeons is not difficult, because the gates are located in many parts of the game world. However, you can skip the search, because if you have access to the group search system, then the system will automatically assign you to a suitable group of players. If you are aiming to enter a dungeon that is not on the list available in the tool, only then you will need to find the gate to this dungeon yourself. 

When assembling a team of players, one of the team members must have a special key that will give you the ability to open the gate. Each member of the team doesn’t need to have the Mythic Keystone, only one of you should have it. Please note that to enter a certain dungeon, you need the corresponding key. 

Once your group has gathered and if you have all the necessary items to enter, then you need to go to the gate and select the Mythic difficulty level. A hole will appear in front of you where you will need to insert the key. Before entering the dungeon, you will receive all the necessary information about any changes. 

Take advantage of boost services 

The game is full of challenging content that can become a living hell for you. You can return to quests, raids, and dungeons over and over as you try to complete them. In such situations, when you have certain goals in the game, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of boost services that will help you overcome all your difficulties. A huge number of players constantly use such services. If you have difficulty with Mythic Dungeons, then use the Mythic Boost, as you will not only be able to complete the dungeon but also get unique loot, achievements, and other valuable rewards.

Find a reliable team 

Most players prefer to play with their friends because it is easier for them to communicate with each other, they understand each other perfectly and therefore they manage to build effective strategies. However, it does not matter if none of your friends play WoW, since this game has a close community. 

You can find many game servers on Discord where you can meet other players. This is a great chance not only to meet new people but also to find good partners for the game, who will have a similar level of gaming experience to yours. In Discord, you will find many communities for completing raids, dungeons, and other game content. Also, if you need help from more experienced players, you can get it. 

Valuable awards 

Since such content is considered to be one of the most challenging, you should expect to receive valuable rewards for all your efforts. The most important reward you will receive will be equipment for confronting in-game monsters. 

If you’re running dungeons on Regular or Heroic difficulty, you’ll usually get decent rewards for each encounter. When choosing Mythic+ difficulty, you cannot count on this. However, you should remember that at the exit of each dungeon, you will be able to open chests that will hide valuable rewards, as well as items that you dream of getting. All valuable rewards will be distributed among all members of your team.  


The dream of every experienced player is to complete the dungeons at the highest difficulty level. Mythic+ dungeons are a great chance to test your skills and knowledge, as well as gain new experiences. Before embarking on a new adventure, keep in mind that worthy rewards await you in the end. If something does not work out, then there is nothing shameful in using the boost service.