Xiaomi MI Note 2 VS Xiaomi MI MIX Review – Which One is Better

On October 25, Xiaomi held Xiaomi new products press conference to releaseXiaomi MI Note 2 and Xiaomi MIX two year-end flagship smartphones. They have enjoyed great reputation and feedback from customers. So right now you must be confused about which one to choose? And which one is better between Xiaomi mi note 2 and Xiaomi MIX, we will discuss about it to let you know better.



According to specs comparison, Xiaomi MIX and Xiaomi mi note 2 has no big difference in their hardware, only different in screen size, storage, camera, battery, price, etc. But the performance, OS,  and network are the same.


Xiaomi mi note 2 RAM 4GB ROM 64GB Antutu


Xiaomi mix antutu

As for variants, Xiaomi mi note 2 has divided to standard version, advanced version, and global version, as for global version just added some network frequency band to be used in other countries which is very suitable for those businessman. for Chinese users, Xiaomi mi note 2 only has standard edition and advanced version.


Xiaomi MI MIX has standard version and elite version, only different in storage, camera, fingerprint scanner with metal material. Xiaomi mix standard version has RAM 4GB ROM 128GB internal storage which sells at 3,499 yuan, $583, Xiaomi MIX advanced version, RAM 6GB ROM 256GB with 18K golden camera and fingerprint metal scanner, 3,999 yuan, $666.

Therefore, the hardware of Xiaomi mi note 2 and Xiaomi mix has no much difference, both of which are the top level compared with current Android flagship. Xiaomi MI MIX can be considered to the advanced version with larger screen of mi note 2.


The biggest difference between them is the design, let’s see their design and compare which is more beautiful.



In terms of appearance, the most obvious screen between Xiaomi mi mix and MI Note 2 is the material, the former adopts all ceramic body, the latter uses the glass design, although Xiaomi mi mix with 6.4inch is not much larger than Xiaomi mi note 2 with 5.7inch, but both has similar dimensions.


Xiaomi mi note 2 is equipped with 3D curved glass screen, which is the second Chinese curved screen after Vivo XPlay 5, compared with S7 Edge, they have similar visual effect, which will be the biggest highlight of mi note 2, in addition, Xiaomi mi note 2 comes with the front Home button.

As for the back design, Xiaomi mi note 2 also uses 3D curved glass screen, the metal frame which makes the gripping feel very excellent.

But Xiaomi mi mix has 6.4inch large screen, and its dimension is similar to iPhone 7 Plus, equipped with 17:8 screen, and it adopts cantilever type and electric ceramic sound design, the drive unit transform the signal into mechanical energy to convey the voice to the ear by a sublime way and frame resonance.


Ultrasonic replaces the proximity sensor, and built the ultrasonic in the frame, put the front camera on the top right by ultrasonic sensor, it adopts customized front camera module to support taking photos rotatably,  the whole design uses all ceramic including frame, back cover,  buttons, etc.


Xiaomi MI MIX advanced edition adopts 18K golden craftsmanship on the back fingerprint scanner and camera.

In terms of design, the biggest highlight of Xiaomi mi note 2 is the 3D curved screen, but Xiaomi mi mix uses concept design and adds some innovative technology and all ceramic body at high cost, so it’s the reason to sell over 3,000 yuan, $500.


Which one is more beautiful, Xiaomi MIX, or Xiaomi mi note 2? We believe there will be different answer from different customers, if you like curved screen, MI Note 2 is your first choice, if you like concept design, ceramic design, Xiaomi mi mix should be your priority. But from MI fans, Xiaomi mi mix seems more beautiful in  design.


Xiaomi mi note 2 is different from Xiaomi mi mix in price with 700 yuan, $100 gap, both have no big difference in its hardware, so the most difference between them is the screen size, the design, the former one has its advantage in the curved screen and cheaper price, the latter one is amazing in concept design, and higher-level ceramic body. As for which one to choose, it’s up to your first impression.

(igeekphone.com, https://goo.gl/qVbKdC)