Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S review: The flagship and the folly

All current flagships worth their salt are shrinking screen bezel, looking to make the most display-forward design possible. But it wasn’t one of the “big three” that started this trend. It was Xiaomi. Yep, a Chinese brand name you may not have heard much about in the UK (for the simple reason that the company doesn’t officially distribute here, yet), is at the forefront of smartphone design.

In the Mi Mix 2 from 2017, Xiaomi took trim bezel design to the nth degree, delivering a powerful, attractive and affordable phone like no other. Its 2018 follow-up, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, follows a similar footprint, but amps up the internal power and goes all iPhone X in its dual camera approach, too.

Having picked up a handset from the Mi Mix 2S launch event in Shanghai, we’ve had the phone over in ol’ Blighty for a month. Now with its most recent software on board – the very same as consumers will find in purchased handsets – just how well does Xiaomi’s latest flagship handle, and what compromises are there to consider?

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