Logitech G513 Review: A great (but expensive) keyboard for the RGB-obsessed

If you’re looking for an RGB mechanical keyboard, there are plenty out there to choose from. Many gaming keyboards these days have started using mechanical switches instead of membrane ones, and while most of those seem to use some kind of Cherry MX switches, Logitech has taken things one step further by developing its own switch, dubbed Romer-G. These switches feature in the Logitech G513 Keyboard, the more expensive successor to the G413, and in fact they now come in two different varieties: tactile and linear. How does Romer-G hold up, though? Beyond that, is the G513 a gaming keyboard worth its somewhat high asking price?


We can debate endlessly about the minute differences between Cherry MX and Romer-G switches, but at the end of the day, design is an aspect that reigns supreme. It doesn’t matter how much rollover a keyboard may offer or how responsive its keys may be if the keyboard itself is designed poorly. Happily, the G513 features a design worth getting excited about.

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