What’s old is new again: new iOS 14 features that were first seen on Android

Every year, Android and iOS get new features, and every year, the differences between the platforms diminish. The recent announcement of iOS 14 showcased a bevy of new features, and some of them will look quite familiar to Android users.

The recent announcement of iOS 14 showcased several new improvements, tweaks, and settings coming to Appleā€™s mobile operating system. While iOS 14 will be the first time the iPhone has seen these features, Android users may get a sense of nostalgia for many of them. Here are all of the new aspects of iOS 14 that already exist on other smartphones.

App Library/App Drawer and Suggested Apps

First seen: Android 0.5 (app folder); Android 0.9 Beta (modern app drawer); Android 7.1 Nougat with the Google Pixel Launcher (suggested apps)

The App Library in iOS 14 is the iPhone’s way of organizing an iPhone’s apps into a neat cluster of folders. While not a true app drawer, per se, the App Library is the first automated organizer iOS has seen.

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