All we’d suggest is that selfie fans use the beauty slider sparingly, as things start to fall apart at higher levels, and don’t be surprised if your footage retains all of the micro-tremors and twitches from your hands when shooting video, the phone lacks any form of image stabilisation, which is a shame.


With numerous affordable mid-range phones packing similarly-sized batteries and 5.5-inch Full HD displays, the Vodafone Smart V8 has a fair bit of competition to square up to, but for £160/$208 you’re actually getting a good-looking, fast and fluid mid-ranger with a competent enough camera and some very smart software tweaks from the off.

Vodafone Smart V8: Handheld

What’s more, this phone leverages Vodafone’s super speedy 4G network, so you can stream and game online without worry. All in all, the V8 has what it takes to stand alongside some of the bigger players in its class, almost giving the likes of the Moto G5 Plus cause for concern. We just wish it wasn’t a carrier exclusive so more people could enjoy what Vodafone is offering with the Smart V8.