Vivo X6 hands-on review


Want an iPhone not designed in California and with a few tweaks unlikely to come out of Apple’s Cupertino offices? Meet the Vivo X6.

Okay, we won’t call it a copycat, but the resemblance is too apparent for it not to be the first thought that comes to mind. The metal unibody, the antenna strips, the camera hump, even the tiny screws on the bottom and the color options (Rose gold among them, of course) carry an Apple air – perhaps more so than we’ve seen in a competing device thus far.

Vivo X6 review

Good thing then that Vivo has done a few things differently, and in a way we won’t be seeing Apple do them anytime soon. Fingerprint sensor on the back? That’s where the bitten fruit logo goes. Headphone jack on top? Nah, Apple relegated that to the bottom with the iPhone 5 and why would it take a step back?

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