View and control your Android phone from your PC: here’s how

Smartphone users these days are often chided for their inability to put down their phones. Those of us who have to work with computers everyday, however, aren’t always so attached. That said, there are times when we do wish, or even need, to have access to our phones even while typing away. At the risk of really keeping us connected to our Android phones, here is a selection of some of the top apps and services you can use to not only but even control what’s on your phone without leaving your desktop or laptop.


Developed by Koushik “koush” Dutta of ClockworkMod (CWM), Vysor is one of the most popular Android mirroring and remote control apps precisely because of its pedigree. It’s admittedly easy to setup as well. On the PC end, all you need is the Chrome browser at its most basic, though there’s also a standalone app available. You can connect your Android phone via USB but if you prefer to have no cables around, you will have to pay for a subscription or a $40 lifetime license.

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