Uros Goodspeed MF900 Mobile Hotspot review

Mobile hotspot devices are now a rare sight on daily commutes. Blame the rise of tethering – which uses the built-in capabilities of modern mobile OSes and more generous data packages – for that.

However, there is a niche market for mobile hotspot devices and that is international travellers. The Uros Goodspeed is one of them and specifically targets businesses and their roaming employees.

Built by ZTE, the MF900, as it is also known, supports up to 10 SIM cards at once – you will need to use adaptors for nano-SIMs. One of those slots is reserved for the Uros system SIM.


The MF900 is clad in shiny plastic


Externally, it is slightly thicker than a standard smartphone with a 128 x 128-pixel OLED display and a tiny blue status LED on the fingerprint-friendly shiny plastic front facia.

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