Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs LG V30 Comparison

A glance at the Samsung Galaxy S9+ next to the LG V30 wouldn’t be enough to pick a favorite. It’s just that both have so much in common: immersive OLED displays, dual cameras, glass-on-metal construction, and the list goes on. But while these two Androidphones are similar, they’re far from identical. Let us walk you through the factors setting them apart.


Glass and metal are the fanciest materials you’ll find on a mainstream smartphone right now. They’re employed on both the Galaxy S9+ and the LG V30, which results in the undoubtedly premium look and feel of the two devices. Their glass backs shimmer beautifully in the light, while the rigid metal frames hold everything tightly together. Both are also resistant to dust and water ingress, as all premium phones should be nowadays. Just be sure not to drop them. Glass is fragile, you know.

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