Razer Phone vs. Black Shark vs. Red Magic: gaming phone faceoff

Gaming smartphones are back in fashion. That is, if you ask at least three smartphone makers. Razer’s interests are not surprising but Xiaomi and nubia, a ZTE sub-brand, are definitely unexpected players. But what is exactly a “gaming phone”? Or rather, what makes a smartphone a gaming phone? We take a look at the three contenders in that niche space, Razer Phone, the Xiaomi Black Shark, and the nubia Red Magic, to see what makes each of them worthy of that title.

Razer Phone

We start with the oldest of them all, both chronologically and design-wise. The Razer Phone gets its aesthetics from the Nextbit Robin that gaming company Razer acquired a while back. It’s pretty much a standard rectangular slab that won’t even make you think of gaming unless you knew it was made by Razer.

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