Oppo Realme 1 128GB Review

Oppo Realme 1 128GB: Detailed Review

Oppo has been a player in the Indian smartphone market for quite some time now. The China-based company, owned by BBK Electronics has positioned itself more as a premium brand in the country. Most of Oppo’s offerings have been more or less expensive with a strong emphasis on selfies. One could say Oppo’s offerings are more of a lifestyle device than just a piece of technology. However, the highest demand in the smartphone market in India is for mid-range phones that are low on price and high on features. Oppo wanted a piece of the mid-range cake, but being a premium brand, it can’t just come out with a cheap phone. Hence the brand, Realme. Just like what Xiaomi did with the Redmi brand, Realme wants to do the same for Oppo.

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