Nokia 6 Review : Return of the King?

After enduring months of news, speculation, and leaks, HMD Global finally made Nokia’s return official with their first smartphone release, the mid-ranged Nokia 6. The device made its way on to our shores and onto Lazada, courtesy of Hellotronics, who allowed us some time with the first Nokia branded smartphone to be released in awhile. Has the brand reclaimed its former glory? Or does it fall short of being a contender for the throne amongst its stiff competition? Let’s find out out in our full review for the Nokia 6, but first a quick reminder of its specs.

A Far Cry from the Microsoft Era

There’s simply no denying it. We love the design of the Nokia 6, and its a far cry from the Lumia smartphones we’ve seen in the past. While the phones that Microsoft produced under the Nokia name came in bright, vivid colors wrapped in polycarbonate plastic, the Nokia 6 follows today’s standard for mid-ranged devices — a full metal build. Its metal body comes in an elegant, matte black finish that hides the antenna bands on the top and bottom portion of the device and the chrome accents along its frame do a lot to make the device stand out in a crowd.

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