Moto Z2 Play review: All the mod cons

Modular phones are in a rather interesting spot. At the end of 2016 Google canned Project Ara, its open-source modular mobile project. In 2017, the latest LG G-series unceremoniously ditched the company’s lacklustre “Friends” modules. Motorola, on the other hand, is forging onward with Moto Mods – magnetic clip-on back panel accessories with differing functions that connect with its Z-series smartphones.

The latest device to support Mods is the Moto Z2 Play: a 5.5-inch phone with mid-power specification and oodles of battery life wrapped into a slender metal frame, which updates last year’s original battery-heavy Z Play.

As the apparent last bastion of the modular mobile movement, the Z2 Play is not only the flag-bearer for Moto Mods, but for modular phones as a whole in 2017 and beyond. And with a US price of $499 (we anticipate a similar UK price, around £449/$561.25 when the device launches in Blighty this July), it’s on the right side of affordable to make it an attractive idea.

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