Moto X Review


Motorola needed to reinvent itself, and the Moto X is the result of that forced evolution. Guided – albeit at a remove – by new owner Google, the Moto X attempts to do what, arguably, no other Android phone before it has: step off the “biggest, fastest, brightest” treadmill and focus instead on the sort of real-world functionality that Motorola claims will make a significant difference for users. In doing so, though, Motorola pits itself against handsets that on paper at least are much more powerful than the Moto X, despite being the same price. Crazy strategy, or does X mark the spot for the future of Android? Read on for the full SlashGear review.

Hardware and Customization

Build quality is a topical subject in smartphones at the moment, and the Moto X wades in somewhere in the middle. Unlike the HTC One, it bypasses metal in favor of plastic; unlike the Samsung Galaxy S 4, the plastics themselves are dense and lack the glossy finish that has proved polarizing around the Korean flagship. It’s also splash proof, with Motorola using a special coating treatment to make even the circuitboards inside water-resistant.

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