LG X Venture Review: Rugged Phone, Civilized Price

Kết quả hình ảnh cho LG X Venture

For years, AT&T has taken Samsung Galaxy phones, given them a tough and rugged makeover, and slapped the new model with an energetic name tag like “Active” or “Sport.” Unfortunately, those phones kept their flagship price tags. AT&T is taking a different tack with the LG X Venture, which woos more budget-conscious buyers.

The $330 phone features a 5.2-inch screen, chunky chin-mounted physical buttons instead of typical touch controls, a big built-in battery and military-grade durability. And even though the X Venture’s performance and specs could stand a little improvement, there’s definitely some value to this phone’s blend of reasonable price and rumble-ready durability.

Design: Not your typical house cat

At first glance, the X Venture’s big rubbery buttons below its screen let you know it isn’t a phone that needs to be coddled or covered in a case. The phone’s metal frame wraps around every corner to better protect it from drops, while its back is swathed in a grippy silicone to help prevent those falls from happening in the first place.

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