LG V35 ThinQ hands-on: Modern brains but last year’s looks

LG’s flagship V30 has been on the market for well under a year, and it — somehow — has already spawned two sequels. The first was an AI-infused redux called the V30S ThinQ only recently became available for pre-order in the US. The second, which LG just revealed today, takes many of the features found in the new G7 and packs them into a very familiar body. Say hello to the V35 ThinQ: it’s a dead ringer for last year’s V30, with a few modern niceties tucked away inside.

I spent a little hands-on time with the V35 last week, and one thing is clear. If you were hoping for LG’s next V-series phone to break new ground in mobile cinematography or audio quality — as earlier models have done — you’re fresh out of luck. The V35 really is just an update of an update of an existing phone (albeit one we really liked).

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