LG V30 vs Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy Note 8: Is the V30 better than Samsung’s flagships?

We compare the feature-packed LG V30 smartphone with Samsung’s most premium handsets, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, to see which boasts the best design, media functionality, camera tech and beyond.

At IFA 2017 LG launched its enticing V30 handset, the first V-series phone to come over to the UK. The V30 offers a serious upgrade over the older LG G6, boasting better specs, awesome camera features and the all-improved LG UX 6.0+ software. This adds some cool new bits like voice unlocking, as well as a huge array of fresh video modes for capturing a great-looking home movie.

Of course, while we don’t quite know the V30’s asking price, you can be sure it won’t come cheap. Which means you might be struggling to decide between some of 2017’s biggest and best Android flagship phones.

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