LG V30 Plus | V30+ Unboxing and Hands-on Review

We first saw the LG V30 back in IFA Berlin last September. The LG V30+ isn’t really that much different except for the fact that it comes with 128GB 128GB UFS 2.0 storage instead of the 64GB (it’s an odd naming scheme, we know).

LG Philippines decided to release the V30+ instead of the V30 primarily to match the hardware configuration of the competition, most of which already offering 128GB storage as standard fare.

We already did our impressions of the LG V30 the first time we saw it in Berlin but if you’re still curious, here’s our quick unboxing of the device:

The more time we spend with the LG V30+, the more we liked it. It’s a refined version of the LG G6 and nothing like the V20 — sleeker, more polished and looks more premium. For a 6-inch smartphone, it’s not much bigger than the LG G6 which is just 5.7-inch. It’s also less blocky compared to the G6. The edges are rounder both at the front and back so it’s still comfortable to hold despite having a wider profile. It’s even lighter than the G6 by 5 grams and thinner too (7.3mm vs 7.9).

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