The LG V10 was a big, brutish, and brilliant phone from last year, but it didn’t appeal to everyone in the same way Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5, or Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus did. It was a bit too ugly and bulky for most people. Now we have the LG V20 and it couldn’t look more different. The unusual textures, challenging body shape, and massive weight that singled the V10 out have all gone. We’re left with a svelte, lightweight stunner more in keeping with LG’s recent minimalist obsession that started with the LG G5.


LG really needs a phone that people adore, and want to rush out and buy. The G5 is just a bit too subtle, and its modular system of add-on components is not quite fully able to wow the masses. Can the LG V20 step up to the plate and hit a homerun for LG? We’ve spent a couple of weeks with it to find out.

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