LG Stylus 3 Review

Gone are the days when the stylus is still the holy grail of phone accessories to get stoked about. Or are they? Probably not. Because recently, LG has made a comeback with its Stylus series of smartphones. Nostalgia much, we know. But before you get excited about this phone and decided to buy one, let’s dig a little deeper on what LG Stylus 3 has to offer and see if it’s worth the bucks. Shall we begin?

Design and Construction

LG Stylus 3 sports a 5.7-inch IPS display, which is akin to the previous LG Stylus 2. Situated on the front panel are the 8MP front camera, call speaker, notification LED, and four on-screen buttons. The device only weighs 149g and yes, at first usage, it may seem a bit odd to hold, especially when you’re accustomed to carrying hefty phones.  What’s also good about this phone is its thin bezels, which leaves more room for screen.

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