Kodak Ektra review: Phone camera failings can’t revive those nostalgic Kodak moments

We all owe a lot to Kodak. The imaging company was the forerunner in colour film, but also a largely unsung hero in technological developments: it invented the digital camera and even OLED display technology.

That was all before it fell behind the times, sold off the majority of its patents and, in 2012, filed for bankruptcy. The dream was dead.

But the memory lives on. For Kodak isn’t quite done and has, under license, been releasing a range of products in recent years. And 2016 sees the arrival of the Ektra, a phone-camera that shows Kodak’s hunger to climb back up the photographic food-chain.

However, and like so many things in 2016 – a year which has been viewed through the rose-tinted nostalgic glasses of those wanting to wind back to imaginary greater times – the shortcomings of a company that’s descended so far down the chain that it’s slipped off it are evident from the moment we switch the Ektra on.

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