Audi Q5 (2017) review: Technical brilliance in a slightly vanilla design

The Audi Q5 is arguably Audi’s most important SUV. Sitting in the mid-sized segment, it occupies a space where it’s a little more useful than the cutsey Audi Q3 and a little easier to live with in suburban tight spots than the Audi Q7.

Built in Mexico in Audi’s new facility, the new Q5 is aiming to continue its run at the top spot of SUVs. But to look at, you might wonder what has changed in the second-gen model.

The answer, says Audi, is everything: the Audi Q5 is entirely new, redesigned from the ground up to be better in every way. We spent a couple of days driving one to see whether that rings true.

It’s perhaps unfair to start on a downer, but the Q5’s exterior design might be its biggest drawback. It’s impossible to say the new Q5 is ugly, but it also isn’t particularly eye-catching either. Especially when considering the quirky pressed panels of the dinky Audi Q2.

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