iPhone 9 incoming: The 5 points of detail

Apple’s iPhone 8S or iPhone 9 might well be released within the next few months. What we’ve got for specs thus far sit squarely in the realm of rumors and insider tips. Not unlike previous years at this point in the process, we’re fairly sure we’ve got in line our most basic idea of what’s coming soon.

First, a chart that you’ll want to take a peek at. This chart is not finalized, nor is it meant to be looked upon as officially sourced at all whatsoever. Instead, this is just a chart of expectations for Apple’s next smartphones with info based on rumor, insider tips, and informed speculation. These devices are almost inevitable, but their details are not.

Again, what you see above is not to be bet upon or taken as any sort of un-changing truth. These details are not set in stone. Apple’s not even gone so far as to suggest they’re releasing any iPhone models this year, much less these two models specifically. And know this: If Apple releases two phones this year, we’d be shocked if they didn’t release 3 or 4. Keep your eyes on the rumor mill.

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