Apple has done it again with the iPhone 7 Plus, a phone that’s as powerful as it is controversial. In benchmarks, it’s more powerful than any Android flagship phone; in camera tests it wows with 2× optical zoom and sharp photos; and it’s finally water resistant. There’s just one little problem: it doesn’t have a headphone jack.

We took the iPhone 7 Plus out for the weekend to see just how good it is and whether not having a headphone jack is a deal breaker.


The elephant in the room

Rumors that Apple was going to axe the 3.5mm headphone jack rocked the internet and inspired a flurry of rage, tears, and fears among the Apple faithful. Now that we know it’s true, people are learning to live with it, or they’re seriously considering leaving Apple behind for good. (At least, until every Android maker starts axing the jack, too. But I digress.)

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