iPhone 12 5G will be expensive – here’s what Apple’s apparently doing about it

Apple’s challenge to include 5G in the iPhone 12 without making the upcoming smartphone cost-prohibitive has been detailed, with a new report calculating the numbers and detailing just what the Cupertino firm is believe to be doing to offset a bigger bill for components. As with any smartphone manufacturer, designing a new iPhone is a constant battle between including cutting-edge components and features, and making a device that isn’t priced out of the realm of the target audience.

Over the past few years, Apple has been among those pushing the envelope on just what’s deemed “acceptable” for a modern flagship phone. Its decision to price the iPhone X at $999 back in 2017, for example, is widely seen as the breakthrough moment where device-makers could be confident in having buyers for thousand-dollar devices. Since then, we’ve seen even more expensive handsets from most of the big phone-makers.

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