How to Unlock Your Network Restricted Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung is undoubtedly one of the biggest smartphone brands. Their product releases have performed pretty well one after another, with their latest, the Samsung Galaxy S10 & Samsung Galaxy S10+, coming in amidst great rumors of several upgrades over its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S9. Well, when the truths and the untruths about the S10 finally hit the newsrooms, it became apparent that this phablet didn’t disappoint despite some critics saying otherwise.

Having said that, let’s now have a sneak preview of some of the improvements that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is bringing over its predecessor. Some of the notable highlights one would quickly point out are the S10’s improved processor speed, a bigger screen with a slightly better resolution, the RAM, which is 8GB, up from the 4GB in the S9, a higher brightness of 1200 nits from 1100 nits, an improved color accuracy, as well as an improved battery, rising from 3400mAh in the S9 to 4000mAh in the S10.

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