Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 : Rumors vs Reality

This year’s big smartphone war is between two highly anticipated flagships.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 will fightApple’s iPhone 8. Collectively, the devices will look to win over customers willing to spend serious cash on the latest and greatest devices.

Credit: Gabor Balagh (left); Sam Rutherford (Right)

Credit: Gabor Balagh (left); Sam Rutherford (Right)

The Galaxy S8 (starting at about $750) delivers an all-new design that ditches the physical home button, expanding the screen size on the Galaxy S8 to 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches on the Galaxy S8+ (about $850. It also comes with a new assistant called Bixby.

According to the latest iPhone 8 rumors, Apple has some pretty big plans for its device as well, as it will reportedly including an OLED display, wireless charging a 3D camera that will

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