ELEPHONE A4 Review: Best Budget Smartphone Under $100

The ELEPHONE A4, almost every new launch in 2018 has been vigorously threatened. The beautiful design is an absolute clone of iPhone X. Embedded with Android 8 as the operating system, 5.85-inch display, and 3GB Ram capacity; the phone is definitely going to get sold out in case you are late in placing your order. So own it up as soon as possible as the device is absolutely affordable. Once you know the Elephone A4 specifications, you will be able to make up your mind to purchase one immediately.

So without any delay let’s take a look at the specification and depth review of the Elephone A4:


As already mentioned, it’s a true replica of Apple X Smartphone and has been copied almost the same. The ELEPHONE A4 comes up with a front cut out for the rear camera. It also has a cup which you will only see in case of Apple smartphones.

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