Cubot X18 Smartphone Review: Cubot’s entry to a bezel-less budget phone!

With the successive launch of  Cubot X18 Smartphone, Cubot also entered into the bezel-less war! Will it be a game changer? Let’s Find Out!

Apple changes the definition of the smartphone with their launch of the first iPhone ten years ago, in a decade we have seen a lot of innovations ranging from faster processors, better connectivity, biometric sensors, much better OS, lots of applications to play with and what not.

It’s 2017; a decade later, the smartphone industry has grown a lot. The new trend in this industry is going all in with the screens, from high-end QHD resolution to bezel less displays.

MI Mix showed the first concept of bezel-less display in the year 2016, but it was never sold outside China. Samsung got our attention by introducing beautiful flagship phone Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, Apple came out with their own iPhone X. Amazing devices but with one big problem, PRICE TAG! Being the flagship phones they are way too costly, going as high at $1149 (iPhone X -256GB variant). So what about the common people? Do they have any option?

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