Cherry Mobile Iris Hands-on Review : Eye Security

One of the features that we miss the most from Samsung’s aborted Galaxy Note 7 is the iris scanning tech. If you don’t recall, the Note 7 had extra front facing cameras that read the iris of your eyes as an added layer of biometric security in addition to the fingerprint scanner and the customary PIN code to protect your phone. Unfortunately we all know what happened to the Note 7, and until other companies release their flagship phones with the tech, we’ll all have to settle with unlocking our phones with PIN codes and fingerprints.


But as luck would have it, Cherry Mobile has a phone that uses the same iris scanning tech as the Note 7 at a fraction of the price. The Cherry Mobile Iris is probably the only phone in the PH market right now with the capability to unlock itself with just your eyes now that the Galaxy Note 7 has gone the way of the Dodo. Today we’ll be unlocking this unusual budget phone to see what it’s capable of. But first, the specs:

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