Cherry Mobile Defender Review : Rough And Tumble Phone

Despite the indispensable nature of smartphones today, they’re still fragile devices. Sure, there are phones that you can buy right now that can be dropped in tubs full of water (or a toilet bowl) and survive, but even they’re susceptible to accidental drops and spills from the chronically clumsy. Enter Cherry Mobile’s Defender, a smartphone that’s built like a tank that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, yet still has features that most people look for.


Built like a tank, and feels like it

The Defender isn’t a pretty phone. It’s made out of a combination of rubber and metal, and is incredibly thick, measuring in at 16.6mm. That extra thickness makes it incredibly bulky, and despite having a relatively small 4.7-inch display, using it one-handed is quite a challenge even for people with bigger than average mitts. It’s also incredibly heavy – you can probably use this phone to bludgeon a robber to death, if need be.

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