SoundMagic E80C review

Following on from the success of the Award-winning SoundMagic E10Cs, it’s the turn of the E80Cs in-ears to make their mark in the overpopulated headphones market.

At £80/$120, the SoundMagic E80Cs are double the price of the E10Cs, but do they deliver a better performance for the money?


Clear, solid and open – those are our first impressions of the E80Cs. Play Semisonic’s Closing Time, and the vocals, guitar strums, and keyboards all come through loud and clear.

A decent amount of detail keeps you listening, and the outlines of notes and instruments are cleanly defined.

The headphones are organised enough to handle the sweeping orchestral compositions of Michael Giacchino’s Star Trek Beyond soundtrack, with horns bleating cleanly above the thump of big drums.

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