Bluetooth 5: everything you need to know

The new wireless standard brings a greater range, higher speeds and larger broadcasting capacity. But what else do you need to know?

With the growing popularity of wireless headphones and wearable devices, Bluetooth is more common than ever. In fact, according to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which oversees the development of the technology, 13.9 billion Bluetooth-enabled devices will ship by 2020.

Good news then that the technology has just been improved. Bluetooth 5 is more powerful than ever, with enormous potential for the Internet of Things and wireless music listening alike.

So what can it do? And when can you experience it? Read on and find out.

What is Bluetooth 5?

Bluetooth 5 is the next iteration of Bluetooth, the wireless technology that’s found in smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, wireless headphones and speakers, laptops, desktop computers and more.

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