Android Chrome OS unified: what Andromeda could have been

Google is known, in fact notorious, from casting its net wide to catch as many fish. A more appropriate metaphor, however, might be throwing as many things on a wall and seeing which ones stick. It already had an Android operating system when it suddenly launched Chrome OS. Despite what many naysayers said, Chrome OS stuck. Now Google has two operating systems to worry about. Google was once rumored to be working on a unified Andromeda OS that combines these two finally into one. That effort is pretty much dead but that doesn’t mean there’s no need for it. Here’s what Andromeda could have brought to the table had it actually been born.

Android’s hardware compatibility

Android is ten years old (from its announcement) now and it can now be found in all sorts of devices beyond just phones and tablets. Cars, smartwatches, appliances, and yes, even laptops and desktops. Android, like Linux is everywhere.

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