AGM X2 SE Hands-on Review : Specification, Price and Availability

We particularly love to review those smartphones that have good character and fall easily into pockets. With Limited smartphones falling in this category, AGM X2 SE is one of a kind. The model is an impeccable solution for the ones who want a budgeted rugged smartphone. It is indeed a separate category of gadget that has unparalleled features to make it an ideal choice for the ones with an active lifestyle.

The very interesting model has no weak points and comes with solid black built. On opening the box, find USB cable, standard charges, and the main device. We could also find a wrist wrap, high-quality headphones and a flip cover that protected the phone against accidental dropouts. The cover has appropriate openings for connectors, speaker, and camera.

Design and Build Quality

The design of AGM X2 SE is surprisingly better than the rest of rugged phone models out there. We found it to be a harsh SUV smartphone instead of a glamorous gadget. The front part of the device is covered with protective Gorilla Glass. Also, the edged frame is easily noticeable. The upper side of the device is embedded with spoken speaker whereas the LED notification sensors are located on the left-hand side.AGM X2 SE review

Right under the screen, you can see the microphone located. The navigation keys have been made a part of the entire interface. The device has aluminum edging to ensure that it withstand water splashes.

The connectors and the ports are properly covered with rubber plug so that not even a single water droplet gets inside it. The device can conveniently survive 1.5 m depth of water with the high class waterproof IP68 casing.


The screen of the beautiful smartphone give you is 5.5 inches long. It provides an optimal solution for the ones who don’t want excessive large or small size screen. The wider display allows you to comfortably watch movies and enjoy gaming in it. The AMOLED screen talks about full HD display and gives different viewing angles. It has a resolution of 1920*1080pixel.

AGM X2 SE review

The negative temperatures and falling impacts are conveniently tolerated because of the US military standards MIL-ST-810G.

The location of the power button is somewhere towards the right. Also, there is a little tray located for keeping up dual Nano sim and micro SD card.

AGM X2 SE review

The highest class Gorilla Glass 5 is one of the premium features of the device. The screen entertains fingerprint scanner towards the center Where are towards the left there is dual camera lens for dual section flash with dispersion.

The bottom side of the device has the main speaker which is certainly not appreciable. The moment you lace the phone on a table, the sound will not remain audible.


AGM X2 SE review

The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ MSM8976SG CPU gives superfast workability to the device. Also, the Adreno GPU is more than enough to enjoy heavy games and high-quality video pictures. The 6 GB of internal RAM and 64GB of main memory evacuate any requirement of mounting an external SD card. However, if you want more data in your gadget, the memory can be increased up to a capacity of 128 GB.


AGM X2 SE 4G Smartphone software works on 7.1 Android operating system. The gadget has a number of applications that immediately synchronize to make things easier. There is also a shortcut menu so that you don’t have to search for any application particularly.

The device has the custom UI which will let you modify the themes and icons. The AGM X2 SE will get the latest Android Update for sure according to the company.


The Wi-Fi 2.4 clubbed with 5 gigahertz provides absolute high speed to the device. The quick data transfer Technology allows the gadget to get linked to the smartphone and other digital devices through Bluetooth 4.0.

Users can navigate using BDS, GLONASS, and GPS even during the rainy weather. The device is confident enough to find the satellite and pleasantly avail NFC chip for seamless payment option.


The AGM X2 SE is featured with the Dual Rear camera of 12MP + 12MP, is good enough to capture pictures in 1080P and record videos in 1080@60fps. The Lovely background effects are what we call bokeh in the technical Parlance. Even in low lighting condition, you can Captivate good quality shots with a little amount of noise. The front-facing camera has a resolution of 16 megapixels. it is a good option for video communication and daylight shooting.

AGM X2 SE review

Changing the settings allows you to acquire variations of photo capturing. One can shoot full HD format videos with 30 frames in a second.


The 6000 MaH battery capacity in AGM X2 SE gives 500 hours of standby time and 15 hours of telephonic communication. The phenomenal battery indeed works for 22.5 hours on playing HD movies with full brightness level.

The device has a complete autonomy because of the phenomenal specifications. Place the order as soon as possible as the stocks won’t last for long.

The fast charging 3.0 Technology takes around 2.5 hours to reach hundred percent battery level.


The protected device is all about excellent strength, best features, and quality performance. Cameras and battery are highly versatile. The device can survive splashes and deep depth diving.

Available at a price of $429.99 with the discount of 33% on Tomtop, order the gadget and become the proud owner of it.