Meizu M5 Note vs Xiaomi Redmi 4 Review – Which One is Better for New Year’s Gift?

Right now those 150usd smartphones are quite popular and competitive, Redmi 4 and Meizu M5 Note have high attention from the users. They both belong to big brand with much competence. So which one is better, Meizu M5 Note and Xiaomi Redmi 4 ?


Specs comparison



According to comparison, Redmi 4 focuses on small screen, which has two editions, standard and advanced versions. Redmi 4 standard version has 5 inch 720p screen, powered by Snapdragon 430 processor, RAM 2GB ROM 16GB internal storage, selling at 699 yuan, $100, and Redmi 4 advanced version has 5 inch 1080P screen, powered by Snapdragon 625 processor, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB internal storage, selling at 899 yuan, $150.


Meizu M5 Note has 5.5 inch large screen, which has three versions, Meizu m5 note low version with RAM 2GB ROM 16GB internal storage at 899 yuan, $150, Meizu M5 Note standard version with RAM 3GB ROM 32GB at 999 yuan, $166 and Meizu M5 Note advanced version with RAM 4GB ROM 64GB at 1,499 yuan, $250.

According to version comparison, Redmi 4 advanced version has highest competitiveness, but Meizu M5 Note standard version also has better competitiveness, this two smartphones are similar in screen resolution, storage, etc. So we will compare Redmi 4 advanced version at 899 yuan with Meizu M5 Note standard version at 999 yuan. let’s see which one is more worthwhile to buy.



Meizu M5 Note and Redmi 4 are both metal body with popular molding antenna, in design, craftsmanship and beauty, they both have nice performance, the main difference between them is the screen size and design style.


XIaomi Redmi 4 vs Meizu M5 Note front design

Due to different screen size, Meizu M5 Note looks larger than Redmi 4, but they both use the whole 2.5D curved glass screen on the front design, the redmi 4 has more obvious black frame than Meizu M5 Note. But the main difference is that Meizu M5 Note comes with its own classic mBack button with fingerprint scanner on the front, but Redmi 4 uses virtual buttons with fingerprint scanner on the back. So in terms of front design, Meizu M5 Note is more ripe.


On the back, Meizu M5 Note uses all metal back cover with nano molding antenna design, both have simple back design, but Redmi 4 upper part uses plastic stick and injection molding design down the part, which is a little not ripe in the design, in details, Meizu M5 note with larger screen and body looks sleeker, but Redmi 4 has made 3D curved effect around the edges which makes it look thinner.

In fact, Meizu M5 Note has 8.1mm thickness, but Redmi 4 has 8.9mm. After 3D processing, the middle frame of Redmi 4 looks narrower than Meizu M5 Note, in holding experience, Redmi 4 has also made high gloss which is not suitable to hold. But Meizu M5 Note with sleek curved process although it has also made high gloss, it holds more suitably than redmi 4.

Therefore, in design, Meizu m5 note can win over redmi 4 in front and back design.


Meizu M5 Note is not excellent in its performance, it is powered by Helio P10 Octa core processor like Meizu M3 Note, Meizu M5 Note standard version is powered by Helio p10 Octa core processor, 28nm, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB internal storage, check Antutu score as follow.


Redmi 4 advanced version is powered by Snapdragon 625 Octa core processor, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB internal storage. Snapdragon 625 is a new processor, 14nm with low power consumption,which has been used on most popular smartphones such as Huawei Nova, OPPO R9S, VIVO X9, Nubia Z11 Mini S, etc. Let’s see Redmi 4 antutu test as follow.


According to Antutu performance, Redmi 4 advanced version is better than Meizu M5 Note, due to Snapdragon 625 processor with low power consumption, low heat, etc which is not easy to be hot and better for playing games with long time.


As for camera, Redmi 4 and Meizu M5 Note both have 5MP front camera and 13MP back camera, both supports PDAF, but Redmi 4 is equipped with Samsung OV sensor, Meizu M5 Note comes with Sony IMX258 sensor better than Meizu M3 Note. In camera experience, meizu m5 note is a little stronger than redmi 4. Let’s see some samples as follow.


Redmi 4 sample


Meizu M5 Note


Xiaomi Redmi 4 sample



Meizu M5 Note sample


Redmi 4 sample


Meizu M5 Note sample


Redmi 4 sample


meizu m5 note sample


Redmi 4 sample


Meizu M5 Note sample

According to photo samples, Redmi 4 and Meizu M5 Note both are budget smartphones, they both are not outstanding in photographing. In general, meizu M5 NOTE with Sony sensor has better camera than Redmi 4 with Samsung OV sensor.

Battery, OS

In battery, Redmi 4 is equipped with 4,100mAh battery, which is 100mAh larger than Meizu M5 Note, but due to smaller screen of Redmi 4, and powered by Snapdragon 625 processor with lower power consumption, Redmi 4 has better battery life than meizu m5 note.


Meizu M5 Note is equipped with quick charge function to support 18w power, but Redmi 4 doesn’t support quick charge, so Meizu M5 note has faster charging speed.

In OS, Meizu M5 Note runs Flyme 6 OS, Xiaomi Redmi  4 runs MIUI 8 OS, both have nice reputation in Chinese OS. So they have their own advantages.




Redmi 4 and Meizu M5 Note both are nice budget smartphones with their own features. When you choose one of them, it depends on the experience and needs. If you like smaller screen and higher performance, you can select xiaomi redmi 4, but it you are inclined to more ripe design, Meizu m5 note is more worthwhile to highly recommend.