2017 KTM RC 125 / RC 390 Review

Indoctrination works best when it starts at the earliest opportunity, and KTM goes to work on the entry-level with its RC 125 and RC 390 sportbikes. Both come completely street legal, and though it doesn’t affect the U.S., some buyers will be glad to hear that at 15 horsepower, the RC 125 falls at the top of the power bracket for A1 licensing. Though neither bike is built for what you might call blistering speeds, they really shine when it comes to the handling performance. Each can serve not only as an entry-level streetbike, but as a race trainer as well and the smaller cc engines make sporty commuters. The race to the bottom-tier market is hotter than ever and KTM is working to stay competitive in such a populated bracket.


KTM RC 125 / RC 390

Nose-down and tail-up, the stance makes it look faster than it really is. An aggressive entry flows into the engine cowling that stops short to leave half of the Trellis frame exposed for a sort of hybrid naked -sportbike look. I kind of like this blend of attributes, and think it speaks to the function-over-form attitude of the engineers during development.

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